Anmol Background

Anmol Mishra

Developer / Open Source Lover / Machine Learning enthusiast

I am a


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  • developer
  • Programmer

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    Relevant Coursework

    Software Developement Fundamentals
    Computer Organisation and Architecture
    Database Management
    Data Structure
    Web Developement Fundamentals
    Algorithm and Problem solving
    Computer Network
    Probablity and Random Processess
    Machine Learning Fundamentals
    Logical Reasoning and Inequalities



    Dell Inspiron 3542, Macbook Air, Moto G Turbo, Nokia 6.1.


    Programming stuff

    Python, SQL, C++, Javascript, Shell Scripting, Bash, Zsh, Git, tmux, Django.

    Get In Touch

    If you have something you'd like to work upon by collaborating with Anmol, fill out the contact form and I'll surely get back to you within a weeek. If you have my mobile number, Drop a call if urgent.